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Fitness Assessment                                                              $30

Other Services at B-Fit
Fitness Consultation                                                              $30

Exercise Program Development                                    $100

Includes: height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure, body fat, circumference measurements, 
flexibility, and strength and endurance tests

Includes: 30-60 minute consult to discuss exercise and health history, fitness goals, exercise likes/dislikes, as well as any obstacles that may be present

Includes: fitness consultation, an exercise program designed specifically for you and your goals

Exercise Program Redevelopment                               $30

Recommended every 4-6 weeks to keep your program fresh and challenging

Personal Training Services
½ hour sessions = $20/session
6-pak = $90
12-pak = $170
1 hour sessions = $30/ session
6-pak = $150
12-pak = $280

½ hour sessions = $25/session
6-pak = $110
12-pak = $220
1 hour sessions = $35/ session
6-pak = $180
12-pak = $340

As you kick off your workout program this year, don't forget to get your diet in check.  We can help you get off on the right foot with prepped macro friendly meals. Send us a message or email us to find out more! 
Prepped Meals:
Did you know that we can connect you with a Certified Nutrition Coach as you continue on your journey to a healthier lifestyle? Don't let your hard work get wasted by not knowing how to fuel your body the proper way with the foods that you eat. Food is fuel, make sure you are getting what you need to keep going!